Personality and Passion Makes You Feel Welcome

“After a few minutes in a class with Brian, you will be able to tell he has a lot of experience with and knowledge of Yoga. But that in itself doesn’t make a good Yoga instructor. What Brian does best as an instructor is cater to the students in the room in front of him.

His personality and passion makes you feel welcome and also challenges you. Thanks Brian.”

– Charlie Watson

A Warm and Generous Teacher

“I’ve always tried to stay active, but I was never really very flexible. I decided to start taking some yoga classes to help. Next thing you know my husband and I are regularly taking classes. Now it is something we do together. I have noticed that my posture, body mechanics, physical awareness, flexibility and strength have improved. Yoga has also assisted my rehabilitation after shoulder surgery. Brian’s classes have been a great help in all of this. I find his approach to teaching yoga very welcoming, calm, patient, encouraging and motivating.

Brian is a warm and generous teacher. As an added benefit to practicing yoga with Brian, I have had the fortune of meeting and sharing with wonderful classmates, otherwise referred to by Brian as fellow ‘beautiful yogis’.”

– Janet Cook

Take Advantage of His Gift Wherever Possible

“It has been my good fortune to work with Brian for over a year now. The benefits to my health and Yoga have been notable. Over 60 years of age and decades working in all weather in the Building Trades had taken it’s toll on my flexibility and comfort levels during all activities. This has changed with the careful, thoughtful, and experienced tutelage Brian has provided.

Flexibility, balance and strength have returned to levels I never thought I could attain. There can be no mistaking the love and understanding he has for the practice of Yoga. I will be forever indebted to Brian’s compassionate, joyful, and self-sacrificing instruction. Take advantage of his gift whenever possible.”

– Kurt Cook

He Guides You Every Step of the Way

“I began practicing yoga a little less than a year ago at Living Breath Yoga in Niagara Falls. Whenever someone asks me why I decided to start yoga, all I can tell them is that somehow I just knew that I needed it. And I was right.

I took a dozen or so classes with other instructors before meeting Brian and since then have taken his classes almost exclusively. My only regret is that he was not my instructor from the very beginning. Brian starts with very basics, teaching you how to breathe and how to control your breath. Then as you move through different poses he takes the time to make sure you are performing them properly. It’s amazing how invaluable this method of teaching is when it comes to improving both your body and mind. Unlike many other instructors, Brian does not just stand up front and expect you to mimic his movements. He guides you every step of the way, offering you encouragement and support. During my practice, I often find that he is the voice in my head that reminds me to breath and lead with my heart center.

Looking back I am very proud of the progress I have made and I know that I owe a lot of that progress to Brian.”

– Meghan Ruggiero

Thoughtful Dedicated Instructor

“Brian is a thoughtful, dedicated instructor who takes care to ensure that each student progresses in his or her practice. His holistic approach includes posture modifications so that all levels may participate as they become more familiar with yoga.”

– Peg Lynch

Knowledgable and Supportive

“I have been attending Brian’s class at ChrisFit in Lewiston for some time, and I can truly say that he is one of the most knowledgable and supportive instructors that I have ever practiced yoga with. By making accommodations for each person at every level, Brian creates an environment in his class that is not only welcoming, but extremely relaxing. Brian’s many years of training in the art of yoga has allowed him to effectively teach me as well as his other class members how to become better, more well-rounded ‘yogis’.”

– Anu Chandan

We Have All Noticed Improvement

“Brian has been working with the Canisius College baseball program in an effort to progress the pitching staff’s balance and health. He is a perfect match to instruct our staff and we have all noticed much improvement. We look forward to continued classes with him. Thanks Brian!”

– Anthony Naso / Asst. Coach, Canisius Griffins Baseball

Great Instruction

“All my adult life, people have assumed that I did yoga. In my 20’s I did dance aerobics for fitness along with walking. After 10 years, I stopped the aerobics, but have always been a crazy walker. The past 3 years, I’ve been treadmilling, so I could still do something during winter. I always thought about yoga, but thought my lack of flexibility would get in the way. I saw in the paper about a new yoga studio in Lewiston and I knew Roz DiBacco, who was running the business part of it, so I decided to call her and she convinced me to give it a try. She thought Brian’s class would be a good fit for me. I’ll admit I have enjoyed his way of teaching. He guided me through poses with patience in my newness and encouraged me as I slowly progressed. I was happy this past week that after 2 1/2 months, he said I was no longer a beginner. Although I work hard at it, I hope he takes some credit for his great instruction. Wherever yoga takes me, I have a great foundation, thanks to Brian.”

– Kate Edwards

Informative and Fun

“I really enjoyed taking yoga class conducted by Brian. I learned a lot about proper alignment. I highly recommend Brian as a yoga instructor. His classes are informative and fun.”

– Eleanor Jacoby

Life Changing Experience

“Brian is a gentle, thoughtful yoga teacher with something to offer the novice through the more advanced student. He explains each pose in detail helping his students to perform to the best of their ability while being kind to themselves. After Brian’s morning yoga class, you leave refreshed and  ready to start your day. If you are thinking about taking yoga but are hesitant, Brian is the perfect instructor to boost your confidence and get you started on a rewarding, life changing experience.”

– Vicki Fuerch

Easy to Follow

“Great class today with Brian!! As a newcomer to yoga, it is very easy to follow Brian’s instruction and gain confidence in my practice.”

– Brooke Paxton

No Judgements

“Enjoyed gentle yoga class with Brian with no judgements. Great class for Seniors and all levels of yoga enthusiasts.”

– Sheila Paxton

Most Welcoming

“Just a quick note to let you know how glad I am to have found your Yoga class. I’m a beginner, but have had a desire to participate in a class at a studio for quite some time. Brian, the instructor that I’ve worked with, and the class attendees are most welcoming, and regardless of their skill levels, they have a smile and pleasant attitude. The environment is clean and comfortable, and the atmosphere conducive to peace of mind. I am looking forward to getting more in touch with myself through Yoga and I’ve found a wonderful instructor to do it. Namaste,”

– John Higgins

Pleasant, Calming Experience

“As an older student with some mobility issues, I was hesitant to try yoga. But I am certainly glad I tried Gentle Yoga with Brian as the instructor. He encourages students not to push too hard and to do only what feels right for them. He integrates movement, breath, and spirituality for a pleasant, calming experience. Brian can look at a student in position from across the room and offer advice as to how to make that position more comfortable. (“You might want to try moving your right foot two inches to the left.”) That comes from decades of experience. I highly recommend Brian’s classes to anyone who is new to yoga.”

– Kathy J.

A Wonderful Teacher of Yoga

“We regularly attended yoga classes conducted by Brian Ball when he operated a studio on Center Street, Lewiston. We found Brian to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and a wonderful teacher of yoga. His classes were well attended, and both his manner and the décor that the studio contained was restful, relaxing and meditative.

We have attended other studios, both in New York and in California at larger well established venues. We found that Brian’s classes were equal to or better than those studios in yoga content and in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Suzanne experienced mobility problems with one of her legs prior to her yoga experience with Brian. She could not sit cross-legged and had to extend one of her legs out straight. After several classes, her flexibility began to be restored and eventually was fully restored so that she could sit cross-legged comfortably.

We highly recommend Brian as a yoga instructor and would be most pleased if he were to reconvene his yoga studio. We are sure that others would be similarly inclined.”

– Harry & Suzanne Buckholtz

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