MudKayak Welcomes WolfTick

Hi Guys ! We love your channel and although we don’t always comment you always get a “Like”

We lit up when you said you would send some stickers. That is so cool. My son John is 9 and autistic. Riding has been so good for him though he doesn’t always pay attention on where he’s going or what he’s doing. He just dumped training wheels summer of 2021 and we moved up to a 24″ GT.  John gets so amped every time he hears your intro. The rooster is the highlight, and he comes running, “Is that Wolftick?!!!!” then he sings loudly “dom da dom da dommmm….. ” or whatever that sound bite is, lol.

So here are our rides…

Mine (Schwinn to fakie Santa Cruz, is now lovingly called the SchwinnaCruz) you’ve greatly inspired the project and many upgrades were purchased through your affliate links so I hope you got a few bucks there.

This started out as a 2006/2007 Schwinn S40 full squish purchased at Target new for about $200 if I remember(?). Original weight was a smidge over 38 pounds. After 1st restore it was under 30 pounds. I was very happy about that. Now it sits at 32 cause I went crazy and got an Archer Components Electronic Shift setup which I really really love. You guys should check into it cause it can run ANY rear Derailleur and Cog Set.


My ride…

New 2006/2007

Hmmm… seems to had a fair share of use….

NOTE: The rear RIM BRAKE MOUNTS… soon to meet the grinder! As did the kickstand mount behind the bottom bracket, most cable routing mounts, and bottle mounts.

Almost ready for sandblasting and paint

Pic above is much brighter than in person… actual is kind of a low shine swamp green. PNB Air shock and Risk Headset (Sorry Jason)

I pretty much went super budget on all the upgrades. ebike tires cause I caught a good deal on ebay. The bike went from 26 to 27.5 wheels. I also ended up using a $90 SQLabs handle bar with a 16 degree back sweep…. totally saved my 62 year old wrists and well worth the cash. Rear cog is 11 – 46. At first I had the Sensah derailleur but eventually upgraded that to the Advent 10x combined with the Archer electronic shift unit very pleased. I’ve played with 32t oval chain ring but have settled in on a 30t round. IXF BB and crankset with the lightest, cheapest, shin shredding metal pin needle pedals I could find off Amazon. Brakes are Tektro but honestly they suck. Can’t lock up front wheel so nosey’s are missing from my rides at the moment. Went with 180 rotors f/r plus some better pads… but still the Tektros fade a lot and I need to pump often during rides… not good on steeps especially long ones. We ride the Niagara River Gorge and it is steep tech with lots of ugly gnar. I might switch them for my sons Shimano’s.  Oh and I drilled holes for internal routing – I like drilling holes 😉

John’s bike, His 24″ GT has Wake Aluminum Bars (cut to 670mm) and Shimano hydraulics. I also put a larger 30T granny gear on there to help with his climbs and a Suntour fork. He just got a new seat recently…

A little stop for some Trail Maintenance (This spot is death… much steeper than it looks and a tight left to a quick tight right around rocks with a cliff that drops off to the rapids below. A few spots are barely wider than our bars! Wife forbids me taking John here to ride… opps.) All on state owned property so basically all illegal trail builds, but you know… Let’s go Brandon.

And just for fun, a few not so good pics of the Niagara Falls area…

That’s Canada on the west side of the river. Yep we are so far north Canada is to our west. Ride on my good brothers… and thanks again.