Private Yoga

Private Yoga


Private / Semi-Private Yoga Instruction is for individuals or small groups.

Private Yoga is perfect for you if you are unable, or do not desire, to practice yoga at a studio, gym, or other group setting. Instead, we meet privately at my personal home studio in Lewiston Village or at a location of your choice such as home, office, or favorite place – indoor or out.

Private Yoga:

  • New student seeking experience
  • Renewal of personal practice
  • Experienced seeking advancement
  • Specific health issues or concerns
  • Prefer privacy / solitude
  • Desire individual attention
  • Time / schedule availability

If you are new to yoga, have limitations due to health, time, or any other factor, prefer privacy, or simply desire individual instruction, then private sessions are an ideal way to experience yoga that is specifically purposed to meet your needs.

Private Yoga is also perfect if you are an experienced yogi and seek to deepen your practice by addressing more advanced postures, breath, meditation, or philosophy.

Sessions are normally 60 – 75 minutes. This can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

– Single Session: $60.00
– 4 Session Package: $220.00

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