Namaste’, hello, and welcome.

My journey with Yoga first began in 1975 when I participated in a 6 week introductory course at the Red Brick School in Lewiston taught by Mrs. Vitch, I was 16.

In the months that immediately followed, I was fortunate to experience a deep and unusually profound spiritual awakening that unfolded naturally within me. This in turn profoundly influenced my entire life and is still very much a part of who I am today.

I truly love all aspects of Yoga, the physical as well as the spiritual, and enjoy sharing with others that which brings happiness and joy. That desire eventually led me to instructing. At it’s root, yoga can mean to some a path to perfect union of mind, body, and spirit. I like that and weave a portion of each into every session guided.

Formerly certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer with A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise) I have previous experience providing Personal Fitness Instruction to private clients and small groups which included body transformation, strength training, sports performance, and yoga.

Wanting to take yoga further, I received my Yoga Teacher Certification through the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale PA by completing an on-site teacher training intensive. Curriculum included 100 hours of Instructed Practice, 25 hours of Teaching Methodology, 20 hours of Anatomy, 30 hours of Philosophy and Ethics, and 10 hours of Actual Teaching Experience.

Even though the intensive was completed, there was still more to do as the Himalayan Institute also required an in-depth synopsis of 12 hours of Instructed Classes, including full description of Postures, Sequencing, Relaxation, and Pranayama, as well as written Observations of Self and Students. A 30 day Meditation Journal was also required.

Not only a teacher, I remain a self practitioner and student participating regularly in yoga classes and specialized workshops offered through a variety of instructors and organizations.

A few of the more recent courses and workshops that I have completed are as follows:

  • Chakras: An In-Depth Approach to Healing – Shari Friedrichsen
  • Fundamentals of Alignment Series (7 courses: Standing Poses, Forward Bends, Backbends, Twists, Inversions, and Arm Balances) – Kat Heagberg
  • The Mystery and Power of Mantra – Rolf Sovik
  • Tantra: A Foundation for Practice – Sandra Anderson
  • Approaching Arm Balances – Carley Buck

It may also be worth noting that I am independently insured. This allows me to teach at locations which require instructors to provide their own coverage and also brings an added benefit of peace-of-mind to my private clients.

I am currently instructing at a number of locations in and around Lewiston and provide substitution services for studios, gyms, and instructors in the greater western NY area. I also provide personal/private yoga sessions on an exclusive basis for individuals and small groups.

For nearly 50 years yoga has proven to be been a positive experience in my life and I am happy to share that positivity with others. Thank you for visiting – may you be blessed in all things.


-Brian Ball, CYT Himalayan Institute