Crow Pose at Ion Yoga Niagara Falls

Here we have Justin of Healthy Rabbit rockin a nice and high Kakasana / Crow Pose with as he is moving towards Bakasana / Crane Pose. Crane is almost exactly the same as crow except the arms are completely straight without a bend in the elbows. With the lift that Justin has I can already see him pressing into handstand.

This was during our “ADVANCE YOUR PRACTICE WORKSOP” I instruct every Sat morning at Ion yoga in Niagara Falls. This is a really fun class designed for anyone in good health and has an adventurous spirit. Instructors are especially welcome so if you’re wanting to advance your practice with arm balances, inversions, and powerful transitional flows, make sure to join us!

Healthy Rabbit serves deliciously healthy food, goodies, and Yoga too in Brantford Ontario, CA so if you happen to be in the area be sure to check them out! Justin’s website: Healthy Rabbit