My wife Daniela, son John, and I enjoyed a few hours together at Fort Niagara the other day. It was pretty windy and the sky was mostly cloudy but it was probably the warmest day we’ve had yet this May.

We were really having a great time. John loves throwing rocks into the water and while we were down by the shoreline of Lake Ontario I saw this nice piece of driftwood and thought it would make a great stop, drop, yoga platform for vriksasana (Tree).

Now most of my students will probably tell you that this isn’t my best posture, and they’re right! I have an injury in my left ankle that much of the time leaves me pivoting on the joint without much muscle control and therefore little support. Fortunately, my right side is fine and I got lucky because even though the wind was gusting I was able to find ease and Daniela nailed the shot.

This reminds me that none of us are perfect in all things at all times. At any given moment all of us are present with different histories, strengths as well as weaknesses and in all aspects of our being. Yoga helps us to heal and bring harmony and balance to ourselves and others without judgement, but with understanding, empathy, kindness, and support. In other words… love.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti