Yoga Aligning to the Source

Excellent video on Yoga and introduction to some of its spiritual, as well as physical practices, including some of its benefits on both the body and the mind. Though I don’t personally subscribe to all that is shared here, in particular some of the philosophy that is discussed in the beginning, overall I think this… Continue reading Yoga Aligning to the Source

International Yoga Day

Traditionally the summer solstice (June 21) is celebrated by the performance of 108 sun salutations (Surya Namaskara) with the number 108 being significant for a number of reasons which I will be expounding upon in another post. This film does a great job of introducing one to the rich history of yoga and is very… Continue reading International Yoga Day

Mind, Body, Spirit, Faith

Faith = Belief + Action. This story has been around for a while but it is always worth revisiting. Arthur Boorman’s transformation is astounding and a perfect example of the power of mind, body, and spirit united with purposeful action. Namaste -Brian

Dylan Werner Handstands

Ok, so I’m a long way off from mastering Dylan’s moves but he certainly does inspire. Namaste -Brian