Ardha Malasana at Niagara Falls

Ardha Malasana

Had a wonderful day today, taught an early morning All Level class at Living Breath Yoga in Niagara Falls, then a bit later returned to the studio to celebrate their First Year Anniversary along with my wife, son, and mother-in-law who is visiting from Brazil. After some socializing and snacks we were off to spend the day enjoying the amazing weather and the even more amazing Niagara Falls.

This posture is Ardha Malasana otherwise known as Crouching Tiger. Ardha Malasana is a great pose for gaining flexibility through the groin and connective tissues of the legs, ankles, and hips. Also aids in the developement of balance which is always a good thing especially when perched on a small raised platform only a few feet from the rapids topside of the falls.