Yoga with the Griffins


I am very happy to report that I’ve had a great opportunity recently to teach a little yoga at Canisius College for the Golden Griffins Baseball Team or more specifically with the Pitchers. With around 18 – 20 or so in attendance, I was really impressed with the guys. Not only were they a fun group to work with but they were also respectful and took the yoga seriously.

There is a strong growing interest in Yoga by many athletic departments from College Teams all the way on up to the Pro’s with many athletic directors and coaches now requiring yoga for their teams. Yoga helps players to de-stress and also helps to create balance, strength, flexibility, and a calm focused mind. Here’s a little article at listing 4 Major Benefits of Yoga for Baseball Players

For Coach McRae to be offering yoga for the Griffins speaks volumes regarding his forward thinking and, at least in part, explains his success. To see Coach McRae’s bio please visit here. I also want to make mention of Assistant Coach Naso and thank him for his welcoming support and enthusiasm. His bio is here.

It was a lot of fun and I am truly grateful for being invited to instruct these guys and wish them the best in all they strive to accomplish whether that be personally or as a team. Here’s wishing you a great season gentlemen and thank you for having me.