Ganda Bherundasana

Ganda Bherundasana or Chin Stand. Most of the weight should be supported by the arms with very little weight being directed into the chin. I am very happy that is what I was experiencing. However, it’s interesting how we observe ourselves from within as we are progressing in postures. I really felt I was much… Continue reading Ganda Bherundasana


Took a nice walk this 4th of July along the Niagara River Gorge and chose this wonderful flat top boulder just south of Artpark for Stop, Drop, and Yoga. This is Kakasana otherwise known as Crow Pose. Bakasana AKA Crane Pose is sometimes confused with Crow as the two are very similar and often referred… Continue reading Kakasana


[espro-slider id=500] We were in the backyard yesterday enjoying the sun when my wife asked me to, “do a yoga pose” so she could take a picture for the website with her new camera. Out popped Kurmasana AKA Tortoise Pose.